Garbage removing vehicles with the rotating drum

Garbage removing vehicles - with the rotating drum produced in accordance with latest world standards, and by technically, technologically characteristics are as good as one that produced best European companies. Characteristics of this vehicle are: functionality, reliability, simplicity and safety in work.

These vehicles serve for the collecting, compacting and removing garbage from city and suburban areas. Compacting of the collected garbage is done by crushing with the rotating drum; therefore this vehicle is especially suitable for house and industrial waste. Compacting garbage system operates in single or constantly cycles. The rotating is done by hydro pump and hydro engine.

System for automatically loading of garbage is for standard types of containers and dustbins; capacity of containers 1100 lt., and from 80 to 240 l for dustbins, in order with standard DIN 30700 (EN 840 1,2,3). Hydraulically cylinder with jagged transmitter is used for shifting composite catcher attached to wing console; composite catchers are lifting dustbins and containers with garbage. Maximal carrying capacitate of system for automatically loading garbage is 1000 kg. Time needed for lifting and launching containers is 15 seconds. Catchers for automatically opening containers lid are on cover aperture for entering containers in drum. Handling device for garbage loading is achieved with hydraulically dissembler, both highest lifting and lowest launching containers is controlled by foot pinch-off commands.

Loading height is also adapted for manually garbage loading.



Smećar roto SM-8

Smećar roto SM-8




Smećar roto SM-13

Smećar roto SM-13



Vehicle data
Chassis: MAN, Mercedes, Iveco, Volvo, Scania, DAF, Kamaz or other
Gross weight: 10t to 26t
Capacity: 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 22m3

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