Sewage cleaning trailer

Special high pressure equipment mounted on a trailer with inertial and parking break represents mobile mean for efficient maintenance of sewerage pipes. The device is designed for cleaning sewerage pipes of diameter up to 350 mm with a high pressure water jet.

The device is working with decreased emission of noise and meets all European environmental protection standards. It is fully automated and it’s managed by one worker.


Sewage cleaning trailer PVA-150.05

Autoprikolica pročišćavanje kanalizacije PVA-150.05

Autoprikolica pročišćavanje kanalizacije PVA-150.05



Technical specifications:
Water tank: 500 l
High pressure pump: Speck P30, three piston, with pressure regulator
Pump capacity: 45 l/min@150 bar
Engine: Briggs&Stratton, petrol, 18 HP, with electro starter
Hight pressure winch: 60 m DN 13
Nozzle: 2x1/2“ gun nozzle
Drive: hydraulic
Manual filling winch: 50 m DN 19




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