Sewers - gutter cleaning vehicle

Sewers-gutter cleaning vehicle is special public vehicle for sewer and cesspool cleaning and other mushy material dumps. The vehicles operate on the vacuum cleaning principle, and to facilitate the operation of the vehicle these are supplied with the additional vacuuming device- “trunk”.

Vacuum installation consist of vacuum pump, pipes and suction hoses systems, sedimentation compartment, ball level limiter, extended cross tube arm and suction valve on the tank lid. The tap system enables that the pump can also work as a compressor, i.e. help the unloading of muddy waste trough valve on the tank lid. The pump has tree safety locks against debris leaking.

Telescopically cylinder is used for kipping the tank during emptying. During work extended cross tube arm have manually revolution and after it has to be fixated in working position using pneumatic break, while opening and closing suction valve enables other pneumatic cylinder. Extension (compression) and lifting (launching) of extended cross tube arm is provided with hydraulic cylinders. All necessary remote controls are on extended cross tube arm and on control board.

Hydraulically extension - 1350mm
Hydraulically lifting - 1500mm
Manual revolution - 300°
Rated bore - RB 100

During emptying spare water holes “trunk” device is closing, and sucking hose is placed at rear cover.



Slivničar SL-50.DL120

Slivničar SL-50.DL120



Vehicle data
Chassis: MAN, Mercedes, Iveco, Volvo, Scania, DAF, Kamaz or other
Gross weight: 12t to 26t
Tank volume:  5000-10000l
Vacuum pump: 1700-53000l/min

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