Vehicle for colecting feces

This vehicle is designed to collect and transport different waste water, faeces and other debris liquid. Main purpose of this vehicle is discharging of spare waters holes using vacuum installation. Working principle is that spare waters holes are clean up with vacuum, which provides vacuum-decompression pump, trout suction hoses attached to tank. The tank is fixed properly on the vehicle and not be kipping during discharging.

Adequate hygienically condition, automatisation and independent working allows this vehicle to be used in different areas, such as, cities, suburban, farms, agricultural husbandry, industrial zone; wherever is needed.

Filling the faeces chamber is done trough attaching suction hoses to the valve on the tank lid. Each chamber is provided with appropriate connectors for draining and filling. After closing the lid, it is sealed with two manual wheels. Filling level, level of liquid in the chambers is checked by looking in indicating glass. The tap control system, storage compartment for suction hoses and necessary tolls are placed at one side of the trunk.

Vacuum installation consist of vacuum pump, sedimentation compartment, ball level limiter and suction valve on the tank lid. The vacuum pump works on the principle of lubricant sealing ring and it receives lubricant from the chamber located in the front part of tank. The tap system enables that the pump can also work as a compressor, i.e. help the unloading of debris and waste through valve on the tank lid. The pump has two safety locks against debris leaking: sedimentation compartment with ball float and debris chamber filling level limiter.


FE-80 DL60

Odvoz fekalija FE-80 DL60

Odvoz fekalija FE-80 DL60

Odvoz fekalija FE-80 DL60

Odvoz fekalija FE-80 DL60



Vehicle data
Chassis: MAN, Mercedes, Iveco, Volvo, Scania, DAF, Kamaz or other
Gross weight: 12t to 26t
Water tank capacity:  5000-12000l
Vacuum pump: 1700-53000l/min

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