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About Vatrosprem

Vatrosprem factory was established in 1949 and it is the only company in Serbia that has a license and attestations for production and services of the entire program of firefighting equipment.

In its long business history, Vatrosprem has delivered more than 5.000 firefighting and 6.000 municipal vehicles, manufactured and sold more then 3.500.000 fire extinguishers and with its own fire fighting equipment and services it is present in more then 35 countries. The largest export of our products was to Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Libya, Iraq, Angola, Egypt, Nigeria, Kuwait, Zambia, Chad, Peru and Venezuela.

In the year 2003 Vatrosprem was successfully privatized. Team work and ability of its management have contributed Vatrosprem to become competitive to world companies and lieder in region. It has its own office space and production land 2000m2 in Smederevska Palanka on land area 24345 m2. 

Today Vatrosprem has 60 employees.

Our representatives abroad are:



Republic of Macedonia Bosnia and Hercegovina Belorussia
Dikos doo, Kiril Dimitrov The most important contributor, Lada Auto, Banja Luka Limens cooo, Andrey Tsygankov
tel: +389 33 275 001 tel: +387 51 324 010 tel: +357 17 212 9441