Firefighting Vehicle - CAFS System

Vatrosprem is company that offers you new solutions used in firefighting brigades all over the world. CAFS system with comprised air foam is more and more used as superior extinguishing system. Using the newest technological achievements in electronic control, system that satisfies demands of firefighting departments is made.

Systems with foam class A and B and with comprised air foam CAFS are more efficient, environmentally safer for extinguishing fast-fires. CAFS system is better because with this system allows: -    faster fire extinguishing

  • faster temperature reduction - cooler working environment, than usual
  • significant reduction of damage made by water
  • reduction of environmentally damage
  • shorter time of firefighters exposure to extinguishing conditions
  • easy for use no additional training is needed
  • firefighters fatigue is reduced compared to work with standard (heavy)  hoses
  • less water is needed

In CAFS unit, compressed air is injected in foam solution inside of pipe-line using all the benefits of this installation. Foam prepared like this is discharged through firefighting hose and mayor fixed device used for foam-flow. Usage of CAFS system, comparing with standard systems, as well as jet used for foam forming, is better because it creates better quality of foam, has light hose system, creates for firefighters bigger length from fire, and this system creates better foam penetration into the fire core.

You can always create vehicle from components that we are producing, according to all your needs, with certainty that vehicle, created this way as compact unit, and has the highest level of technical integration.

Vehicle data: 
  Type of CAFS
Type of vehicle: V 3,3 mini CAFS 90 200