Water Firefighting Vehicle

Supplying the bigger amounts of water to the fire extinguishing vehicles on the spot;
- Extinguishing fire type “A”  fires of solid flammable materials (fires during which heated particles of wood, paper, straw, textile and coal are created ect.)
- Water haze  for extinguishing fire of type “A”, additional limited device for extinguishing fire type “B” and “E”.

If inside of  installation is mixer for the foam and water, as well as the connection for spreading the foam outside the vehicle, for extinguishing are used:
- light foam:       

- additional limited device for extinguishing fire type “A”;

- additional device for extinguishing fire type “B”  flammable liquid fires (fires without heated particles  gasoline, oil, grease, lacquer, pitch, tar, ect. and type “E”  fires on equipment and installations under voltage, electro engine, transformers, generating stations and ect.)

- hard foam:        

- additional limited device for extinguishing fire type “A”;

- additional device for extinguishing fire type “B

 Chassis carrying capacitate and engine power is defining superstructure of fire fighting vehicle:
- possibility of incorporation single graded or more graded centrifugal fire fighting pump, flow is from 1600 to 6000 l/min. and under 8 bar pressure and sucking geodetic height from 7,5m.
- Tank volume for water from 3000 to 14000 l.
- Water/foam jet capacitate from 1200 to 2400 l/min.
- Standard sucking mixers for water and foam are built-in, wrinkles for fast intervention, storage compartments for fire fighting equipment with Al role doors, these thinks are for fire fighters protection and for fire extinguishing. 

Vehicle data: 
Chassis: MAN, Mercedes, Iveco, Volvo, Scania, DAF, Kamaz or other
Gross weight: 10t - 26t
Tank volume:
Tank material: GFK, S235J0, INOX
Boxes material: Al or INOX profile tubes
Firefighting pump:  Normal pressure: 1600l/min do 3000l/min; 10bar
High pressure: 1000/250l/min to 4000/400l/min; 10/40bar
Water thrower:  1200 l/min to 3000l/min constant or variable flow
Winch: normal and/or high pressure
Pipe installation: hot zinc plated or INOX