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Special municipal vehicle Aqua Jet New


Aqua Jet

Aqua Jet


Technical specifications:

The vehicle is intended for cleaning sewer pipes from Ø 40 to Ø 250 mm with water jet under high pressure. Body work (water tank, manual hose reel, aggregate high pressure pump with installation for water) is mounted on DFSK chassis, drive 4x2. Aggregate is made in accordance with CE regulation and superstructure satisfies EN regulation on traffic safety.

Technical specification of the chassis:


Chassis: DFSK V21
Cabin: 1+1
Payload: 1000 kg
Drive: 4x2
Engine: 60,5 kW/82 KS/ 6000 o/min Euro 5
Dimensions: 4450x1635x1890 mm

Technical specification of the superstructure:

Water tank capacity: 500 L
High pressure aggregate:  
High pressure pump: LM 350/42 BSp-80
Rezervoar za gorivo: 4x2
Pump capacity: 42 l/min @ 150 bar
Fuel tank: 8l
High pressure hose reel: 50 m

Postoji mogućnost kupovine dodatne opreme ROTHENBERGER, koja nije uračunata u cenu:

Device for unclogging sewerag: 1.299,95 € +PDV
Professional force pump cleaner: 94,95 € +PDV
High performance camera for inspection of pipes: 829,95 € +PDV
Drum drain cleaning machine:  1300 € net price
Set of additional tools etc.  



Skip loader (Body of the vehicle - superstructure)


Autopodizač kontejnera (nadgradnja)

Autopodizač kontejnera (nadgradnja)

Technical specifications:

Skip loader capacity: 18000kg
Model:  Meiller
Type: Pak 18 T
Production year: 2007
Operating pressure: 270 bar



Rapid intervention firefighting vehicle - New




Technical specifications:

Vehicle model: Mahindra GOA Pick up
Drive:  4x4
Gearbox: manual
Engine: Turbo diesel Euro 4
Engine power: 79 kW
Superstructure: Firefighting vehicle VP 400-30 CAFS system

Firefighting CAFS aggregate:

Drive: Kawasaki, 4-stroke gasoline engine power 29 hp with dashboard for electronic start. Consumption 8.3 l/h
Water pump: DARLEY, centrifugal fire fighting water pump Flow 568 l/min at 8,6 bar
Vacuum pump: side, electrical
Compressor: 1550 l/min air at 8,6 bar
Mixing system: DARLEY Fast Foam 50 - injector with electric foam pump mixture percentage 0-1%
System capacity: 380 l/min water and 1416 l/min air at 8.6 bar
300 l/min water and 1130 l/min air ati 8.6 bar (NFPA)
Hose CAFS: 1 ½”
Dimensions (mm): 965 x 1220 x 810
Water tank: 400 l
Foam tank: 30 l



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