Three - way Tipping Vehicle

These vehicles are used for transportation of different sorts of bulk material such as: soil, pebbles, gravel, dross, small grained rock, coal, concrete ect.

Tipper body is standard and made from good constructing steel and it is used for three-way tipping. Trunk superstructure consists of: subordinate chassis, box floor, fixed front panel, side walls rotating on upper or downer joint assembly, during backward tipping automatically opening back panel, back disassembling delivery chute continuously welded-on to the floor panel and prepared for dosing device and hydraulic installations.

Depending of purpose or weight type, tipping trunk superstructure can bee made with aluminium side walls. When working conditions are more difficult than usual, tipping box floor is made of hard carbon steel (Hardox 400). Hydraulic installations are consisting of: hydraulic pump, oil tank, tipping distributor arm, cabin pneumatic tipping command, pipeline, hydraulic hoses and rapid coupling at back side of vehicle for trailer connection. Complete tipping installation is HYVA manufactured (also it can bee from others manufacturers). Installation working pressure is from 150 to 200 bar.





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