Street Washing Vehicles

This vehicle is designed for cleaning public, city areas, streets, watering of highways during construction, also it could be used for transport both technical and drinking water. Efficiency of vehicle even in the most difficult conditions is provided by the type of binding chassis with tank and tank with other parts of equipment.

Driver and two additional workers operate with this vehicle. These additional workers are handling with back jet. Using pneumatic commands driver is operating with back and frontal jets for washing and watering. Vehicle is used in different areas such as sites, suburban and industrials zones. Depending on the chassis carrying capacity of tanks are 3000 to 15000 l. Water installation consists of centrifugal pump, frontal device, and dwo jets with system consisting of soaking and suppresioning pipes and plums with valves.

Vehicle can also be used for transportation of drinking water after protecting inside of tank with special aggressive material protection.

Vehicle data
Chassis: MAN, Mercedes, Iveco, Volvo, Scania, DAF, Kamaz or other
Gross weight: 12t to 26t
Pump:  capacity: 800l/min; 6bar
rpm: 300min-1
Pipe installation: hot zinc plating or INOX