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Vatrosprem proizvodnja d.o.o. is specialized for manufacturing fire fighting vehicles, fire extinguishing installations and fire extinguishers, municipal vehicles and for road construction industry.

Thanks to our own development, business and technical cooperation with the biggest European producers, today we are the biggest manufacturers of fire fighting and municipal equipment in Serbia.

Our fire extinguishing installation sector provides engineering services of design, assembling and servicing all types of fire extinguishing installations in accordance with national and international regulations. We have license for design and production of systems for with water (automatic sprinkler), foam and gas media (CO2, FM-200, Novec, Inergen)

Vatrosprem proizvodnja d.o.o. is the only company authorized for storage and distribution of halon and servicing of halon installations and devices in accordance with national regulations and provisions of international agreements signed by our country.

Tradition and experience, as well as high standards of quality and applications of modern technology, are the guarantees of reliability and safety of our products.

We are able to perform all practicable tasks upon your requirements.


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